The patent pending Silent Falcon™ is a solar/electric, all composite, modular small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) designed for commercial, public safety, and military applications. With Silent Falcon’s™ solar electric propulsion system, rugged composite structure, and three interchangeable wing configurations, it is the first sUAS capable of meeting long range and long endurance mission profiles. 

We incorporate the latest proven technological advances in solar power, RF communications, batteries, sensors, composite materials, and aeronautical design. The Silent Falcon sUAS is the most effective long-endurance, long-range aerial platform for carrying leading-edge sensors that collect, transmit and store the data and imagery required for a rapidly growing number of commercial, public safety, and traditional defense and security ISR applications.


The Silent Flacon as a flexible, open-architecture/open-interface system to easily incorporate technological advances in sensors, telemetry, and data and imagery acquisition, transmission, analysis, processing, exploitation and dissemination. 

Bye Aerospace provides design, research and engineering support for the Silent Falcon UAV being developed by Silent Falcon UAS Technologies.  The Silent Falcon is a solar electric UAV utilizing stored electric power, thin film solar photovoltaic (PV), high efficiency 6 blade propulsion system and other technologies to enhance its very long endurance, quiet operations and zero emissions.

An efficient electric motor provides the Silent Falcon with appropriate climb rates and efficient cruise which facilitates access to areas requiring surveillance.

The easily transportable Silent Falcon system is very quiet with low thermal signature to reduce detection. The Silent Falcon carries a proprietary sensor gimbal, "Falcon Vision," with electro-optical and infrared camera on a lightweight mechanically and digitally stabilized gimbaled payload allowing the operator to keep eyes on target. With very long endurance the Silent Falcon provides multi-fold the value and capability of competitive systems.

Silent Falcon began initial customer deliveries in 2015.  The combination of remarkable persistence, payload and reduced acquisition and operating cost over similar-sized systems gives the Silent Falcon a significant advantage over competitors.


  • Li-Ion batteries, thin film photo-voltaics, advanced efficient propulsion system

  • GPS, electric autopilot and servo-control

  • Proprietary ISR sensor gimbal with daylight and low light video optics

  • Gross weight in the 30lbs weight class with loiter at 25 knots, with cruise to 45 knots

    Potential applications include homeland security, and military visual and thermal tactical reconnaissance. Potential civil applications include high security facility surveillance, pipeline and power line inspection, aerial law enforcement, forest fire detection, weather monitoring and aerial photography (see or for system purchase inquires
    Very long 7-hour flight endurance. 

The Silent Falcon™ sUAS has the following qualities:


  • Extraordinary flight endurance 

  • Long range

  • Thin film photo voltaic (TFPV) solar energy collection and lithium polymer batteries for energy storage

  • Easily changed sensors and payloads

  • Unified Ground Control System

  • Silent and highly efficient propulsion system that is undetectable at 200’ AGL

  • Lightweight carbon fiber composite structure