Talon II

George Bye is the designer of the all-new 2-seat 'Talon II' a high-performance fighter-like jet designed to revolutionize civil and military Aerospace industries. The TALON II jet owes its extreme efficiency in part to efficient Williams International FJ44 turbofan engines.  The resuting 9,000 lb gross weight aircraft has significantly reduced unit, operating and maintenance costs compared to other high performance civil and military aircraft.


The relatively modest fuel consumption is combined with advanced materials and a low parts count, yielding a significantly lower weight and extreme fighter-type performance. These featues provide a large thrust-to-weight performance benefit when contrasted with typical business-use jet.


The mission is to develop a proprietary, multi-use high performance aircraft with broad appeal, low acquisition, and maintenance costs, outstanding performance characteristics, and exceptional versatility with potential for future government and homeland defense functionality.


The TALON II will utilize green hybrid features, a high-tech tandem cockpit providing high visibility, three integrated avionics diplays, traffic and terrain awareness, a moving map, and graphical and tabular weather data.